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    Green Ship Recycling Process.
    Lot Of Planning and foresight goes into ship recycling industry & it's process,right from Beaching
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    ISO 30000 Certified Companies
    One Of The Leading Ship Recycling Group In India
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    Prevention and Protection of Environment From Pollution
    All Kind Of Hazardous Material Remains our Top Priorty At Work Place

About Lakshmi Steel

Lakshmi Steel is one of the most respected and prominent business houses in the area with diverse interests in buying and selling of ships, ship recycling, travel agency, electronic and print media, logistics and transport & construction and infrastructureprojects.

The ship recycling has been an industry for almost a century and countries like India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan have been most active in this field. Prior to 1976 the import of vessels was not permitted in India. The Metal Scrap Trade Corporation canalized to open this.

The ship recycling has been an industry for almost a century and countries like India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan have been most active in this field. Prior to 1976 the import of vessels was not permitted in India. The Metal Scrap Trade Corporation canalized to open this.

Our Vision And Mission

Lakshmi Steel's unique and innovative initiatives in Safe & green ship recycling has made itself a benchmark in the ship recycling arena.

With a continued focus on entrepreneurial management, we maintain high standards of performance and accountability in all our business to consistently keep our promise to our customers, partners and employees.

The modern thinking, creativity and innovation are the most important foundations on which the group has been established, since the beginning of growth and prosperity of the various sector in Gujarat and Maharashtra. We continue to seek opportunities for growth across geographies and industries.

We value the importance of our relationships and will continue to remain fair and transparent in our dealings with all employees, clients, and vendors. Our clients count on our dependability, our drive, and our integrity.

Chairman Of Company

    Business does not proceed in straight line. The best of plans, meticulously plotted to the last detail, can be put to the test by unexpected events. With due deliberation, we have set an audacious goal for Lakshmi Steel Recycling : To be one of the world's most valuable ship recycling yard. By aiming higher, we hope to achieve bigger things

    We live in a fast-moving world where speed is everything. A hundred percent perfection commendable goal, but we will achieve it only by becoming entirely irrelevant in a fast-pace environment. We cannot stand still. We have to act. Growth is limited only by our mindset, our ability to innovate and create differentiation in the marketplace. If we live by our convictions, we can do almost anything that we set out to do.

Meet Our Team

We meet and get to know you. You tell us and we listen.
We Recycle Ships to realise your vision and we deliver the ready product.


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Our Credentials

Ship Recycling Policy

Lakshmi Steel are a ship recycling unit and we are committed to continual improvement of human health, welfare, safety and environment, aimed at prevention of all types of pollution and minimization of environment, health and safety risks. We shall strive to achieve this by:

    Ensuring proper standards of safety, throughout operations of the facility.

    Ensuring environmentally sound recycling of ships.

    Complying with applicable legal and other health, safety and environment legislations.

    Striving to improve our health, safety and environmental performance by achieving our objectives and targets.

This policy shall be reviewed regularly.

Ship Recycling Profile

    The recycling process starts immediately upon entering a contract with LSR for recycling services.

    Sampling of environment sensitive material can be carried out prior to arrival or upon the vessels arrival at Alang. This sampling process helps catalogue and understand the material onboard such as asbestos and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) this determine the recycling process and work flow chart necessary to remediate the material and recycle the vessel.

    Once in Port, specialized staff are assigned specific tasks on-board the vessel in order to safely accomplish the recycling process.

Ship Recycling Process

Environment Management

    Every ship recycled at Lakshmi goes through a green ship recycling process wherein all the possible environmental aspect & impact analysis is reviewed by core team members on the plot.

    Based on the review results of analysis, environmental precautions , environmental testing and other environmental control infrastructure is planned like:

    Gas cutting scale does not directly contaminate ground

Health & Safety

    Hazard analysis is done with respect each ship that is beached on plot to pro actively avoid any incidents on yard.

    Health monitoring of workers and staff is regularly done on yard by doctors.

    PPE used in various processes like Boiler suits,Safety shoes,Eye protection gears,Gloves,Dust control masks.

    All the gears & open revolving machinery involved in winch construction is adequately covered for safety of workers around winch

    Trays are kept to store wire ropes on same to avoid land contamination

    Audible horn and mode of communication between crane driver and guide is regularly maintained to avoid in trips or falls of items carried by crane.

    Safety belts are used by gas cutters working on heights on ship.

Hazardous Waste Management

    Asbestos containing material (ACM) received from ship is dismantled in Asbestos abatement centre.

    ACM material is then sprayed with special fluid to ensure that material is soft in nature and does not become friable during abrasive handling.

    Asbestos containing material is then heat sealed in airtight bags & disposed it to TSDF land fill site as soon as possible

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We do things differently company providing key digital services.
Focused on helping our clients to build a successful business on Ship Recycling.





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Lakshmi Steel allocates a yearly budget for training and thus internal and external training is planned by Management representative. Trainings are divided in to three areas:
1. Vocational training like crane driving etc
2. Environmental training - like maintaining and clean and green environment.
3. Safety training like First aid, CPR etc.

Training are conducted in house by MR or competent person and also externally at Gujarat Maritime Board, Training centre , Alang.

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